Cheapside Bar & Grill

Nothing but Treats at Cheapside tonight! The No Fences Festival begins at 4:30 with music in the Pavillion and our own dinner service starts at 5 with a full menu and plenty of indoor seating! Then join us after the concert for The Greener Band, on stage, at 10 pm. See You Here!!!

Oct 31st 1:03pm • No Comments

The sun is up, the heaters are on, and the patio is open! Join us for lunch and try our hot Pastrami Grill with thin sliced pastrami, creamy Gouda and a sweet red onion relish. Lunch is served until 2:30. See You Here!

Oct 23rd 11:56am • No Comments

After a great weekend, we're bringing back some winners to our lunch specials. Come on downtown and enjoy our tasty Smoked Turkey Reuben with our own Guinness sauerkraut, or try our cheesy penne pasta bake with smoked sausage, sundried tomatoes, and topped with toasted seasoned bread crumbs. Serving lunch until 2:30. Dinner service begins at 5.

Oct 6th 12:48pm • 1 Comment